Join the UO Student Corps to Combat Coronavirus

The new Student Corps to Combat Coronavirus (SCCC) will give university students the chance to study public health responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and get training to assist with the urgent work of contact tracing. The Student Corps is being developed at the University of Oregon’s Center for Global Health in partnership with the University Health Center, and in close collaboration with Lane County Department of Public Health and the Oregon Health Authority. It is open to students from all higher education institutions in Oregon. Courses and training programs will be remote-linked to students undertaking similar study and work at partner universities up and down the West Coast and around the Pacific Rim.

How You Can Get Involved

Understand Pandemic Response

Choose from a menu of courses on COVID-19 and responses to it. You’ll connect with students taking similar classes at West Coast and Pacific Rim universities. Learn solutions from many states and countries. Build professional networks with national and global peers you will call upon throughout your careers.

Help with Contact Tracing:

Get the right training and join a team of contact tracers, supported with digital technology. You’ll work under the guidance of the Lane County Department of Public Health and will work in coordination with State of Oregon Health Authority, with UO faculty there to guide you along the way.

How Faculty Can Help

We always need more courses, more mentors for student contact tracers, and more opportunities for students to do research on coronavirus public health responses. You’ll find here a number of easy ways to contribute to the curriculum, experiential learning and science behind the Student Corps to Combat Coronavirus.

Partner Universities

We are stronger and more resilient if we tackle this pandemic together. We invite partner universities to link courses on similar public health responses. We are eager to connect students doing contact tracing work in many locations, states and countries: the resulting student to student professional networks are a major investment in future global resilience.   We’re especially interested in partners from around Oregon, up and down the West Coast and around the Pacific Rim. But we welcome all partner universities, as this crisis knows no borders. Click below to start the connection!



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